How rare are Taylor Swift’s 2 sellouts? Promoter Rich Engler has never seen it before

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour, a journey through the musical eras of Swift’s career, is set to hit Acrisure Stadium.

The shows Friday and Saturday are sold out at the 68,400-seat facility.

So how rare is that?

Concert promoter Rich Engler, who has worked in the industry for 53 years, said he’s never seen a performer headline stadium shows on consecutive days in the Pittsburgh area.

“I have worked for the biggest names, like Guns ‘N’ Roses, Simon and Garfunkel, but I don’t think anyone has done two sold-out shows back to back here (in Pittsburgh),” he said. “Her popularity is just so vast. Young girls aren’t the only ones listening to her. Guys and adults are, too.”

Engler, who plans to attend Saturday’s show, said he would consider himself a Swiftie in a “professional manner.”

“I love ‘Shake it Off’ just because I hear it so much whether before concerts or at other events,” he said. “She is just so massive. … The entire package, from a solid performer to writer and producer to the looks.

“It’s the magic formula for success.”

Engler said, about 15 years ago, he was negotiating a deal to have Swift perform at his venue in State College, which seats about 1,000 people, for about $1,000. Now, individual tickets can go for five times that.

“She is just easily the most significant performer in the last 15 years,” he said.

Erin Yudt is a Tribune-Review staff writer. You can contact Erin at [email protected].