Promoter’s Guitar Collection Features Legends Of Rock

SEWICKLEY HEIGHTS (KDKA) — An impressive guitar collection at a home in Sewickley Heights is even more stunning, if one considers that many of Rich Engler’s guitars were played and signed by legends of rock.

A renowned promoter for 25 years with DiCesare-Engler, he rubbed shoulders with the masters of the strings. Then one day “I was hanging with Bob Dylan,” he recalls, “and I asked him ‘Hey, could I have a guitar?’ He said no, but he said, ‘If you get me one, I’ll play it and I’ll sign it for you.’”

He points out guitars signed by the likes of Bon Jovi, James Taylor and Steve Miller.

“We can’t leave out Coldplay,” he says. “And down the very end, the bloody Rolling Stones.”

Now president of Rich Engler Entertainment, he will bring about a dozen of his signed guitars to an “Acoustic Jam” at the Science Center Saturday night.